John Pham (owner of Bangkok Gardens) cracking an egg in a wok

John Pham. The man, the myth, the legend. Owner and operator of Bangkok Gardens for 27 years. You don’t know where you’re going to see this guy. One day he’s washing windows, the next he’s ordering the best whiskey any of us have ever tasted. Then he’s asking an employee to throw him down his chef coat from upstairs - so he can cook you your favorite spicy Thai dishes. The kitchen is where he’s at home. This is where he’s crafted a menu that’s held up for two decades, centered around the two words: fresh and flavorful. Two more words that come to mind - passion and heart. This is how he cooks, this is how he leads his business.

John loves his kids, his employees (we’re all pretty much kids too), America, and of course, all of you - our Bangkok Garden’s patrons. This is why he does what he does, why we all do what we do. John can't wait to cook for you. Come in and experience the best Thai food you've ever tasted.

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