Bangkok Gardens


Traditional Thai



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We are open for dine-in! Come in and let us server you your favorite Thai food.


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Call ahead and we'll have your order ready for pick up! Call 573-874-3284.


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Order delivery and let us bring your favorite Thai food to you, hot and ready to eat.

What's your favorite lunch combo?Chicken Lahp, Crab Rangoon, Thai Iced TeaPeanut Sauce Phat Thai, Veggie Rolls, CokeDemon Chicken, Pork Rolls, Diet Coke#9 with Curry Sauce, Crab Rangoon, Green TeaGreen Curry Lo Mein, Pork Rolls, Jasmine TeaPhat See Eiu, Veggie Rolls, SpriteThom Yum Ghung, Crab Rangoon, LemonadeTiger Claw, Pork Rolls, Vietnamese Iced CoffeeBeef Fried Rice, Veggie Rolls, Ginger BeerCoconut Curry, Crab Rangoon, Iced TeaDumpling Soup, Pork Rolls, Boba Milk Tea

Phat Thai

Rice noodles cooked in sweet & sour with cabbage, bean sprouts, diced onion & egg.

$9.99 lunch / $13.89 dinner

Phat Thai with Tofu
Nheu Phat, Paht Nam Mon Hoy, or Kai Paht Kratiem

Nheu Phat

A soup with pork or veggie dumplings, bok-choy, mushrooms, green onion, cilantro and sesame seed oil.

$9.99 lunch / $13.89 dinner


Vegan and Gluten-Free Options

We offer one of the most extensive vegan and gluten-free menus in Columbia. It happened all on it's own, when we crafted our menu around the two words, fresh and flavorful.

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